Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wired Magazine TMS blurb

I just got the most current issue of Wired about and there was a nice little piece by Melinda Wenner on TMS and it's possibilities.
"Brains are electric — when neurons talk, they speak in voltage. Now, a new technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation may let neuroscientists hack those conversations. TMS translates electric signals into a magnetic field that passes through the skull and into the brain. Too much juice can cause seizures, but calibrate the machine just right and you can actually control brain activity. Treatments for drug-resistant depression, migraines, and post-traumatic stress disorder are in the offing. Further out, some researchers are trying to trigger more restful power naps, and others are working with autistic savants, hoping to inhibit the autism and bring forward the Rain Man level detail processing. That's right: We could all be perpetually happy, relaxed, and brilliant if they'd just mount this thing in a baseball cap."
Hmmm, a baseball cap with a figure 8 coil in it....maybe she is on to something here? As the scientific evidence grows, I am realizing she might not be so far off.